• NCS S 5030 G10Y

NCS S 5030 G10Y will be colour matched, manufactured and delivered free to your facility in four days. The minimum order quantity for this fast track small batch powder service is 20kg, reducing unnecessary waste and costs.

NCS S 5030 G10Y is available in Architectural polyester gloss, semigloss or matt finish, meeting the requirements of BS EN 12206 for Aluminium and BS EN 13438 for galvanised steel.

Specifiers and designers are looking for greater colour choice and are selecting colours from the RAL Design, NCS and Pantone ranges. The ability to manufacture a minimum of 20kg, in Architectural polyester powder colours like NCS S 5030 G10Y and deliver free in four days is a major service innovation from Avace. This fast track small batch colour service has unlocked the World of Colour for architects and designers.

The small batch bespoke colour service is available in other powder types such as epoxy and epoxy polyester, in a variety of gloss levels, textures and leatherettes. For more information on the colour of your choice call Avace customer service on 01384 400355 or e mail your enquiry to sales@avace.co.uk.

Avace endeavours to manufacture precisely the quantity you order, however please note variances of +/- 10% can occur in the manufacturing process, under makes will be credited and over makes will be charged at the kilo rate.

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NCS S 5030 G10Y

  • Product Code: S5030G10Y
  • from: £8.95 kg

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  • Manufactured and Delivered in 5 Days!

  • 20kg or more £14.95 kg
  • 40kg or more £14.15 kg
  • 60kg or more £11.99 kg
  • 100kg or more £8.95 kg

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